This is for all the kids who are dying of starvation. Coz you fucking morons don't care about everyone else's problems. You don't know shit about nothing, so you don't know how to solve them. This is for the kids who grew up thinking they could be anybody but lack the opportunities..who have to struggle each day, while you bastards are robbing them of their future. Sit back, relax, and watch TV. You fucking coward! you are a disgrace to humanity. This is for the homeless people who read philosophy books in libraries, sleeping in churches coz they have nowhere to go and write manifestos under the street light. This is for the real writers, whose names will never appear in best sellers, but you can see their names in buses & trains & street signs. For the wild & crazy space pirates who howl at the moon & map constellations in the sky. For the ego driven quixotic narcissists who are doing good deeds just for kicks, who help build schools in 3rd world countries & burning down slave labor factories, the beautiful prostitutes who steal money from tourists so they can afford to go to college, to the hackers making viruses, donating to charity, for the fellow foreigners & immigrants who volunteer to soup kitchens, friendly locals who refuse to be friends with cops or Nazis, to the nomads & free spirits..we are everywhere and are nowhere, simply trying to survive resisting conformity, building  our own communities.

You see.. I don't care if you don't understand me. This empty space within my soul has no room for your ignorance....I will never be like you, and you will never be me. I may be alone, but there are plenty of others who are just like me who feel the same way. Im the Zeitgeist, the drifter, the sage, the glitcher of static, the sign of the times, the agent of change. I give fire to those who need it.I give voice to the voiceless, Heart for the heartless, Hope for the hopeless, Coz it's Halloween in December!

This is for everyone who are praying for salvation, confined in hospitals or rushed to emergency rooms coz they have a problem breathing or their wounds cant stop bleeding.. Can't you see that it's not too late to live your life to the fullest. yes, the world is a fucking nightmare - to a lot of us poor people especially. yes i know it's painful. yes i know it's tragic, it's fucking foolish to refuse to hold these corporations accountable for their crimes of poisoning our air & water supply, selling us unhealthy food. now you're sick and you're tired, you don't wish to fight, such a shame how you live your life, too afraid to confront those who are responsible for your tragedy, spare me your tears of suffering & misery, how can you sleep at night when on the other side of the world, women are victims of human trafficking, they are raped and murdered and their families die from curable diseases. So are you just gonna give up, lie down, and be like that until your final moment then they strip you naked, cut you open and bury you to the ground, what a pitiful way to expire or are you gonna stand up and make a change, do what you desire with your last breath, perish in the flames & die like a champion, in the blaze of glory, knowing you have made a difference & that you actually matter in history.

This is for all the dateless losers who stopped wasting their time blaming themselves for being different. Pick up a pen & paper, write love letters....send them to strangers, like the ones who are planning to kill themselves tonight coz nobody loves them, bullied at school & have endured racism for the color of their skin or because of their religion. Stop trying to fit in & just be yourself, find your own voice, invent your own gender, live your dreams and make art, and stop trying to be cool like those wannabe punks with fake rebellion. And don't get me started about trendy scenesters in every subculture who just copy their idols, and copy each other. And please.. if you're gonna be angry at something, don't take it on someone who is weaker than you, like your young son & daughters, throw a rock to the face of compulsive liars, like the politicians we help put into power who are trying to divide us from each other. The real criminals should be in jail, not the ones who are victimized by the system.

This is for all you assholes who think you know me better than myself. Don't label me with your nonsense, don't act like you are better than me, your words are worthless & boring, my words give women orgasm. I can fucking destroy you if i want to, but i've chosen compassion. Don't tell me how you love nature i don't see you stopping bulldozers & the waves of progress from turning forests into shopping malls & apartments. Im sick of your hypocrisy about how you love animals while you swallow their corpses through your mouth and put your best friend on a leash like it was your slave. How bout you wearing that shit and be inside a cage so you finally know how it feels and what's it's like. I remain unconvinced with your logic and your society's structure. I don't care about your conspiracy theories, and fuck your New World Order, i order you to stop listening to that shitty music in your phone and make your own, start thinking for yourself, start listening to people around you, not in behalf of those who make profit out of your insecurities & indecisions, filling your mind with a void & superficial garbage. Im not your ghost, i am not your scarecrow or monster- don't fucking associate me with your stupid delusions, I'm a being of light that has chosen the path of darkness I don't want your heart, im after your demons. I don't care if you don't understand me. This empty space within my soul has no room for your ignorance....I will never be like you, and you will never be me. I may be alone, but there are others who are just like me. People like you are like candles. I will be that fire for those who needs it. Coz it's Halloween in December!

Written by Mark